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The next Church Council meeting will be on Monday January 5, 2018 at 7:00.


JANUARY 8, 2018

PRESENT: Joanne Gilbert-Cannon (Pastor), LuAnne Cenci (Moderator), Jan Womble (Treasurer), Jim Simboli (Ass’t Moderator), Cindy Lage (Church Clerk), Sue Carter (Community Life), Dick Carter (Church Life), Bob Barrus (Property Care), Laurie Way (People Care), Ron Way (Discipleship)


Laurie opened the meeting with our Spiritual Focus and prayer

Brief discussion regarding how council will handle the time between when Pastor Joanne is gone and when our new pastor is called.  LuAnne feels that we can handle services for 4-6 weeks; hire a pastor (to be decided) for Pastoral Care only.  This will be decided when a new pastor is hired and we have an actual start date.

Reviewed the minutes from December meeting.  One correction, Cindy will correct. Email correspondence was also reviewed.  With no further discussion or corrections Jan moved to accept the minutes with a second by Jim; motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Reviewed the Budget Report for December.  One note: Jan reported that we received $4400 from the Endowment Fund this week. With no further discussion, Jim moved we accept the report as presented with a second by Sue; motion carried.  Deficit at the end of December ($1,304.78).



Pastor:  No action items

Moderator: No action items

Property Care: Bob reported:

  • Various problems around the building have been taken care of or will be taken care of.
  • Cindy asked for an update on the masonry repairs that are needed for the Main Street door, Bob had no response from the two companies he requested quotes from, has another company to contact in the spring as no work can be done in the winter.
  • Exhaust fan has been installed in the men’s room in basement.

Church Life: Dick reported:

  • Piano to be tuned in February.
  • Organ Concert March/April with Eastman School graduate and various choir’s participating.
  • Benefit concert to be held in March (beneficiary of concert to be decided).

Community Life: No action items

Discipleship: Ron reported:

  • Book study group to meet one more time to review/finish.

People Care: Laurie reported:

  • Many in congregation are in need of care and prayers
  • Her concern regarding rides on Sunday morning, she will ask them if they would like her to post a sign-up sheet for rides for them.

Pastoral Search Team Report: Jim reported:

  • First Candidate to have an answer regarding their offer by next Wed. (Jan. 17)
  • Second Candidate: Search Team met with this person weekend of Jan. 6th.  Search Team was very impressed with this candidate as they were with the first so they feel they have 2 good options. 
  • Discussion regarding salaries for both candidates.  After discussion, Council offered guidelines for the Search Team.  LuAnne made a motion that, if necessary, the Search Team is authorized to offer the candidate of their choice a package they feel would help them in making their decision, a second by Laurie; motion carried.

 Assistant Moderator: Jim reported:

  • Has been in touch with Brockport Carpet and they have cardboard tubes they would be happy to donate to roll the Labyrinth on, however at this time, it is folded and put on a cart and that seems to be working.
  • Jim’s concern regarding the slate of officers for the new year.  All agreed to remain on Council for an extra term to help in the transition to a new pastor.  But it’s time to think of and recruit other members that perhaps would like the opportunity to serve. 

New Business:

  • Sandy Bordeau is looking for another person to be in the building with her during Labyrinth hours
  • (Wednesday, Feb. 7th 6:30-8:30 & Sunday, February 11 1:30-3:00) for starters.

Discussion regarding the letter to Council members from Jan regarding the Endowment Fund.  Briefly:

  • Its purpose was to be a resource to see our Church through hard times, not to hoard or grow money; not to subsidize the organ or building maintenance, just to secure and support the ministry of our church. Any access to this fund must be approved by the congregation. She feels that we need to promote our Endowment Fund as part of any Estate Planning by members.  Council thought that we might list all of the projects that we have done with this money in the past to promote this fund.

 With no further business, LuAnne closed the meeting with a prayer.

 Respectfully Submitted

Cindy Lage, Church Clerk