Brockport First Baptist

A Welcoming and Affirming Congregation

Phone: (585) 637-9770


Rochester Genesee Region of the American Baptist Churches USA

The American Baptist Church is an ethnically diverse group of people called to nurture authentic relationships with one another; build healthy churches; transform our communities, our nations and our world; engage every member in hands-on ministry; and speak the prophetic word in love. As a people of prayer, purpose, and passion, we are in the forefront of creating a community of faith where people of every race, nationality and culture gather as one in worship, service and work.

The Rochester Genesee Region of was founded in 1827 and consisted of  nine churches, six of which remain an active part of the region to the present day. Currently there are forty seven congregations located in New York, California, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, Minnesota, Indiana, Tennessee and North Carolina.  ABCRGR has been one of a few regions to grant refuge to congregations which were forced to find a new region home or, in a few instances, chose to align themselves with this region because of affinity with the values and character of the region.  

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