Brockport First Baptist

A Welcoming and Affirming Congregation

Phone: (585) 637-9770


We welcome all to our Path of Peace Prayer Labyrinth open on the first Wednesday of every month, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. 



Labyrinths are ancient structures that began in Greek Mythology.   During the Middle Ages, the Chartres Cathedral built a labyrinth incorporating Christian meanings and symbolism.  Long used as a tool for prayer and meditation, it offers us a metaphor for life’s journey.  We walk the purposeful path to create space within and/or focus our steps on the journey.  It takes one outside of a human mind filled with work and worry.  We walk to pray, to see, to listen.  We walk to create openness to God, to ourselves and to others.

Labyrinths are NOT mazes; there is no puzzle to solve or dead end to encounter.  There is one path to the center and back out again.  Labyrinths are open prayer paths shared with all religious traditions and spirit-seeking people. 

Our labyrinth is open to all, our sanctuary is open for silent meditation and prayer, and mini-reiki healing sessions are offered.  We hope you will drop by to deepen your spirit, have a little talk with or listen to  God, or just simply quiet yourself from the demands of your day.  Our church and the labyrinth are available for retreats for groups in our community. 

Call the church for more information (637-9770).